Rev. Jay Behan
Rev. Jay Behan

The Rev. Jay Behan has been elected the first bishop of the CCAANZ. Jay is a gifted preacher and winsome communicator. He is passionate about talking to people about the good news we have in Jesus and seeing people grow in their faith. Jay is committed to seeing the churches in the Diocese grow as he encourages, supports, and equips local ministry, seeking to lead the Diocese to grow in love and unity in Christ. He is married to Jaimee and they have three children. He loves family times, watching rugby league, and attempting (in vain) to get better at golf.

CCAANZ is governed by a Synod which meets annually, comprising representatives from all member parishes. The Synod elects a Standing Committee to undertake the work of Synod out of session. Comprised of eight members (four ordained, four non-ordained), the Standing Committee meets regularly to take counsel for the wise governance of the Diocese, supporting the Bishop and acting to encourage and enable the ministry of the parishes. The Standing Committee is currently comprised of:

Rev. Tim Capill (Latimer Church)

Rev. Dave Clancey (Trinity South Christchurch)

Rev. Al Drye (St Paul’s Rakaia District)

Mrs. Sandy Elkin (Hope Church, Dunedin)

Rev. Michael Hewat (West Hamilton Community Church)

Dr. Kyla Horne (Trinity South Christchurch)

Mrs. Zeresh Prosser (Latimer Church)

Mrs. Desiree Williamson-Lay (Anchor Charismatic Fellowship)

The diocesan Registrar serves the bishop and the Standing Committee, overseeing the day-to-day running of the Diocese. The Registrar can be contacted here –  registrar@confessinganglicans.nz