8 November 2021

UPDATE: Bishop Jay has written to the diocese about responding to the ongoing pandemic

Bishop Jay has written to the diocese with some principles, mandates, recommendations, and encouragements for our ministry under the ‘trafiic-light’ system.

You can access the letter via this link.


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to questions we have received often. In addition, there are links to helpful websites to assist you as you continue to lead, meet, and fellowship in your various parishes and churches across the diocese. If your question is not covered below please email

What can I do?

By far the most important and powerful thing you can do is pray and ask God to relieve suffering, give wisdom to our leaders, and to keep us safe. Our God is a powerful and loving God, and he answers prayer. Pray for your family, your neighbours, and your work colleagues.

In addition to prayer, please show love for one another and our community by following the public health guidelines published by the Ministry of Health on its website. It is up to date and committed to the well-being of our community. Check the advice frequently because as the situation develops and we grow in our understanding of the way the coronavirus is spread and affects people, the advice is modified.

Finally, don’t panic! Our Heavenly Father cares for us, and his world. Whatever he is working through this is for our good, and our trust in Christ, who loves and cares for us, means we look at the events of this world very differently to the rest of humankind. Matthew 6:25–34.

Are we able to meet together?

The government has a well-defined system of alert levels. This comes with strict protocols for all New Zealanders, including staying at home and stopping all in-person interactions with others outside of your household ‘bubble’. Titus 3 calls us to be good citizens, by following this government direction we are obeying God’s word. If the alert level allows it, then churches are free to meet together in person.

How will we stay connected?

Each Parish and Branch Church has determined the best way to stay in touch. Some are live streaming Sunday services via various online platforms (e.g. Facebook, or Youtube). Others are connecting via AV meeting services like Skype or Zoom. Some others have chosen the tried and true ‘phone-tree’. All congregations are making every effort to help people stay connected. If you have not been contacted please don’t sit alone, reach out to your vicar or small group leader directly.

How do we care for each other while we aren’t meeting?

It is important to make sure we are checking on our church family members in a meaningful way. Offering to grocery shop, or pop down to the pharmacy are examples of practical ways we can help each other. If you are someone who needs this kind of assistance please make sure you reach out to your homegroup leader or pastoral care coordinator.